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What is Capina?

Capina is a Restaurant & Dining facility Management SaaS solution that employ mobile digitalization to speed up restaurant services. From digital menu, taking self-service orders, sending kitchen instructions and more. This allows restaurants to work at peak efficiency, provide excellent service to their customers, and be paid quickly.

Benefits of Digitalizing Your Restaurant Menu

A QR code menu saves time and money. Precisely In the era of covid, restaurants need modern and minimized contact solutions for their traditional way of working. With the augment of technology in this digital age, everything is seemingly being consumed by digitalization and the F&B industry is following suit as well. Physical menus get dirty and need replacement over time, as well as they involve touch, which is not ideal in the current day and age. Streamlining the operation of table service, you will see a huge improvement in efficiency and stress management for staff and management. Access your menu with total respect for sanitary measures. Place a QR code at the entrance of your restaurant or on the tables of the restaurant.

Digital Menu Creator

Design Beautiful digital Menus exactly the way you wish them to be. Upload your selected photos alongside adding texts & effects of different fonts & formats.
Your customers can easily access the Digital Menu by scanning the QR code placed on the table or at the desk counter. Placed orders are then transferred to the kitchen effortlessly.
Select your Menu sections (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner .. ) and modify the list at your desired time.
Texts, description, ingredients, price, warnings, and any relevant information can be added such as number of calories, density of the meal, preparation time. As well as the deployment of previous customer rating and reviews of a particular selected option.

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User & Order Managment

Following the order submission, the order will appear in kitchen, cashier & customer service immediately. You have the option to modify certain orders This is also definitely trackable in the system.

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Kitchen Management

Upon placement of a few monitors in the kitchen and some configuration by an administrator in the restaurant, Chefs will be able to view orders in the sections set by admins, as well as marking them as complete once the order is finished.
Other available features also exist to support smooth sailing in kitchen management such as “Overload warning” to inform the staff that many orders have been ordered at once and need a little time.

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Simple Pricing

What's included
  • menu
  • Drinks Menu
  • Table Manager
  • QR Manager
  • Order Manager

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